The Team

Meet the Team

The team is drawn from a variety of serving and ex-serving RAF personnel, all bringing their unique blend of experience to the expedition.

Wg Cdr Chris Pote

Team Leader - UK to New Zealand



Keen on a career in aviation from an early age, Chris studied maths, physics and chemistry A-levels at West Buckland School and read Aeronautical Engineering at Cranfield University. He joined the RAF in 1996 and his first flying tour was as a Qualified Flying Instructor on the Tucano, teaching the Basic Fast Jet Training course. Six further flying tours split between the Tornado GR4 and instruction on the Tucano followed. Chris has always drawn inspiration from the pioneering expeditions flown by aviators in the 1920s and 1930s and has long held an ambition to fly a light aircraft to New Zealand.

“I’m passionate about encouraging young people to study STEM subjects, sometimes seen as difficult and boring, in order to open up the exciting careers available in engineering and aviation.”

Rachel Nugent

Meteorologist – UK to Rome


Rachel has always had an interest in adventure, the elements and science which led her to reading a BSc in Geography at the University of St Andrews and then an MSc in Disaster Management and Sustainable Development at Northumbria University. Whilst at university Rachel was part of Tayforth University Officers’ Training Corps where there were plenty of opportunities for adventure training and exploration overseas. Once graduated Rachel joined the Met Office where she studied to become an Operational Meteorologist progressing in the defence aviation stream and currently works in this role at RAF Linton-on-Ouse. Postings in the coming year will take her overseas to the Falklands and Cyprus in support of RAF and she is currently applying to become an RAF reservist in the Mobile Meteorological Unit.

‘Scientific understanding and technology in the field of meteorology have come a long way in the last 100 years but met has always been an important part of RAF operations so it’s a privilege to be part of this event. I wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted to do as a career when I left school but studying STEM subjects stood me in good stead at university and beyond. Being an Operational Meteorologist wasn’t a career I had ever even heard of before but because I had studied maths and physics it was a career path open to me. I am passionate about encouraging people to study STEM subjects in schools, especially women who are often underrepresented in these fields. STEM subjects really can open up some hugely interesting career opportunities’

Wg Cdr Kev Gatland

Tornado navigator – Akrotiri to Nagpur

Kevin has always been passionate about aviation and joined the Royal Air Force in 2000 as a Navigator shortly after having achieved his Private Pilots Licence. Progressing through flying training, he since has flown over 2000 hours on the Tornado GR4 spanning 5 operational front-line tours. He is innately adventurous and being able to combine world-wide travel and aviation, this flight represents a pinnacle of a challenge to complete whilst celebrating the RAF’s 100th year and acknowledging the essential expertise STEM brings to this environment.

Squadron Leader Emma Landy

Sea King pilot – Nagpur to Pearce, Australia


Emma first became interested in the RAF when she joined her local Air Cadets in order to make the most of the adventurous training opportunities. Sponsored by the RAF through university, where she studied modern languages whilst training with Northumbrian UAS, she joined the RAF full time in 1998 and subsequently trained as a helicopter navigator. After operating in Northern Ireland and on overseas operations she earned a slot for a pilot crossover so completed flying training for a second time- this time emerging as a Sea King search and rescue pilot. Emma was fortunate to remain on military SAR to the end, commanding the final military SAR unit at Boulmer. In addition to her civilian helicopter licenses, Emma has completed her PPL on light aircraft so brings a combination of flying skills and experiences to the team. Having completed 2 sets of military flying training and 2 sets of civilian flying licences, Emma is in a position to encourage and advise on a variety of aviation training and careers. Aside from flying, she has always had an interest in exploring and adventures, with independent holidays including cycling around Vietnam and running hut-to-hut in the Carpathian mountains. She also likes a challenge, having recently completed her second self-supported 250 km foot race, so this aviation challenge is an opportunity she jumped at!

Off Cdt Abby McGill

Yorkshire Universities Air Squadron – Pearce to New Zealand

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Keen to explore a role in the RAF, Abby joined Yorkshire Universities Air Squadron (YUAS) in 2015. After three enjoyable years Abby is set to graduate from the University of Leeds with a BSc in Economics. During this period, YUAS and the wider RAF has provided countless opportunities for travel and adventurous training, as well as a solid foundation to flying on the Grob Tutor. Abby is pursuing an application to the RAF and hopes to join in the near future.

“This flight provides a fantastic opportunity to share the celebrations of 100 years of the RAF with countries across the world, and to commemorate the significance of previous operations in those locations. In today’s society there is still a significant under-representation of females in STEM related roles. I encourage everyone to explore STEM subjects as they provide application and relevance to many fields and further opportunities.”

David Landy

Advisor and Test Pilot

David served as a fast jet pilot for the RAF and the RN.  With the RAF he qualified as a test pilot and was heavily involved with developing weapons for the campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan helping to improve weapon accuracy and reduce collateral damage.  In the Royal Navy he flew missile and aircraft attack profiles against our warships to help train our world-leading warfare teams on board the latest warships.  In addition to exciting and challenging flying roles in our military, David also has experience as an airline pilot and in the corporate jet world.

'Knowledge of STEM subjects has been vital during my career.  A deep interest in Engineering led me to apply for the Empire Test Pilots’ School and a passion for the sciences serves me well in my new role flying the Twin Otter around Antarctica in support of world-leading climatology and geo-physics experiments for the British Antarctic Survey. '