British weather..

Our original launch has been subject to a number of delays due to the British weather at this time of year. Our team meteorologist, Rachel Nugent, explains: “A big change in the expected conditions has left the South West in this very slow moving frontal system for the past few days. The change was due to the effects of Ex Hurricane Lesley pushing into Southern Europe moving the system NNW rather than W and clear.” Which means it is drizzly and horrible, but we’ll get out of here eventually.

Pictured from an airfield somewhere in Wiltshire, mist, drizzle and persistent low cloud. Disappointing. Yesterday we planned several options, Le Touquet, Lyon, Calvi on Corsica, but none are safely possible today. Part of aviation is knowing when to postpone; we’ll have a look again tomorrow and keep you all informed.

Watch this space!

Chris Pote