Christmas Island

The aircraft is safely hangared near Perth and the crew back in the UK, waiting for part two of the expedition to start on 25th November. We flew 13500 miles, in 125 flying hours, 15 flights in 17 days. We were unsupported en route and with no UK operations team it meant very long days, flying, planning, refuelling, maintaining, so there was limited time for updates. We will bring you these updates over the next 2 weeks as we build up to part two.

Christmas Island – Where to start?

We arrived after just under 12 hours in the cockpit, having fought through 3 walls of thunderstorms between Singapore and the southern Indonesian coast. The weather cleared leaving us to fly around the island on a beautiful sunlit evening, admiring the beauty and grandeur of this isolated island.

Paul the airport manager, Darryl the multi-talented refueller, marshaller and fixer, Chris the operations manager and many others hosted us superbly throughout. We presented to the school, held a static display, refuelled from the local garage, met the notorious Christmas Island Centipede and swam in the sea. What a place, we’d recommend it to anyone as a non-touristy island holiday spot. Superbly friendly 

and honest people who go out of their way to help a traveller. We were sad to leave having only just scratched the surface of what the island has to offer. Diving, trekking, red crab spotting and some general relaxation will have to wait for another visit! I’m surprised more GA and business aircraft from Australia don’t visit. We made our way onto the airport flight arrival and departure board, a first for us! 

Abby McGill

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