February 2018 – Training

My last flight in a tailwheel aircraft was a while back, so whilst qualified to fly the Eurofox I was certainly not competent or current. There is only one place I know of offering training on a tailwheel Eurofox – G S Aviation at Clench Common. I had one day off work and needed 5 hours’ flying in 8 hours of daylight – cue a lovely day spent exploring the farm strips of Wiltshire and a visit to Wellesborne Mountford to experience a tarmac runway in a crosswind. Thank you Dave for your good humour! We managed 5 hours of stalls, steep turns, circuits, practice forced landings and cups of coffee at different venues! The Eurofox proved to be a lovely aircraft to fly, well harmonised but lacking drag on the final approach because it uses flapperons rather than separate ailerons and flaps. To get into shorter strips over obstructions a side slipped approach is necessary. The aircraft can achieve a very respectable rate of descent in a side slip, with an excellent view of your landing area all the way down to the flare…a very satisfying and addictive way of doing business. Great fun.

On the ground at Wadswick farm strip, midway through the 5 hours in a day challenge.