How do you choose a little aircraft to build…

Well, it obviously needs to be strong, reliable and good to fly, but possibly more important is whether you can be sure you’ll receive the support you need during the build and flight. We visited several manufacturers, but one really stood out, Eurofox.

I was nervous about the build; time, skills, technical challenges. With the Eurofox you go out to Slovakia and get taught to cover the aircraft, learning the skills required under close supervision as you complete your own pride and joy. The factory then paints it and sends the kit to the UK. I then built the rest of the aircraft in the Eurofox UK factory; all the tools are to hand, expertise is available when you get stuck and the camaraderie, banter and encouragement from Steve and Luke helps gets the job done. The first flight, on a still, May evening, will live with me forever, amazing.

During the trip we’ve met torrential rain, nasty turbulence, very high temperatures and density altitudes, and she’s always come through, filling us with confidence in some tricky situations. I’ll write about the mountain ridges and thunderstorms in Malaysia another time! When you are a long way from help confidence in your equipment is everything. It’s also great fun to fly!

It would be great to meet fellow Eurofox enthusiasts as we cross Australia and New Zealand, do give us a shout. I’ve lost the details of the club with 3 Eurofoxes near Brisbane, sorry, please say hi again!

We restart the trip on Monday…bookmark the tracker page to keep upto date with where we are, some alterations to the original route due to weather!

Chris Pote