The trailblazers of the 1920s and 1930s flew a variety of light aircraft with similar performance to ours, to Australia and back. In that era the majority of the route was within several European empires. Today contemporary politics slightly limits our options, however, we are able to visit a tremendously interesting collection of countries commemorating and celebrating 100 years of the RAF. Highlights include RAF Akrotiri, previously home of the Middle East Command and Changi, home of Far East Command, along with several sites of remembrance where we will be laying wreaths to commemorate those who have gone before us.

At 100 mph we will get nowhere fast, but we will have the opportunity to meet a huge cross-section of interesting people and see half of the globe from a few thousand feet up.


Due to the arrival of the wet season to the North of Australia, we have had to alter our route and schedule as follows: