Why are Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) important?

There has been an expanding interest in STEM subjects, particularly in the 21st century, in light of the rising challenges of globalisation and knowledge-based economies. Students will benefit from a greater knowledge of STEM, more so than previous generations. The aim of promoting STEM subjects is to expose students to STEM-concepts and stimulate a passion to further pursue and study the subjects. The initiative also aims to break down the gender barriers associated with STEM-fields, and encourage girls to explore careers in previously male-dominated sectors.


For 100 years, the Royal Air Force has been a leading force in technological advancement and innovation. The RAF’s own youth and engagement team work directly with schools holding activity days and residential courses at RAF stations. The RAF also works with and supports a number of companies with events and initiatives, all with the same aim of inspiring future generations in STEM-fields. The next generation will produce the innovations in order to ensure that the RAF is always at the forefront of technological advancements. Visit:


During our expedition we have plans to visit a number of schools in order to further promote and inspire the next generation.

Chris Pote